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Climate Change:

  • Climate change increases reproductive failure in Magellanic penguins. PLOS One, 2014.
  • Pollution, habitat loss, fishing, and climate change as critical threats to penguins. Conservation Biology 2014.
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Biology and Physiology:

  • Parental behavior controls incubation period and asynchrony of hatching in Magellanic penguins. The Condor 2011.
  • Flipper bands do not affect foraging-trip duration of Magellanic penguins. Journal of Field Ornithology 2009.
  • Foraging distance affects reproductive success in Magellanic penguins. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2009
  • Intraclutch egg-size dimorphism in Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus): adaptation, constraint, or noise?The Auk 2009.
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  • Physiological condition in Magellanic penguins: does it matter if you have to walk a long way to your nest? The Condor 2004.
  • Why penguin eggshells are thick. The Auk 2004.

Population and Distribution:

  • Winter migration of Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) along Southeastern Pacific. Waterbirds 2014.
  • Occurrence of Magellenic penguins along the Brazilian Northeast coast during the 2008 austral winter. The Scientific World Journal 2012.
  • Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus Humboldti) in the Northern Hemisphere. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 2007.


  • Regional genetic structure in the Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) suggests metapopulation dynamics. The Auk 2009.

Endocrinology and Disease:

  • Avian pox in Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus). Journal of Wildlife Disease 2012.
  • Field endocrinology and conservation biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology 2005.


  • Southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) kills Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) on land. Marine Mammal Science 2006.


  • Agonistic interaction in wild male Magellanic penguins: when and how do they interact? Journal of Ethology 2006.
  • Diving behavior of Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) at Punta Tombo. Canadian Journal of Zoology 2003.


  • The global contribution of forage fish to marine fisheries and ecosystems. Fish and Fisheries 2012.
  • Marine birds and harmful algal blooms: sporadic victims or under-reported events? Harmful Algae 2003.

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