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Penguin Sentinels is a collaboration between the University of Washington, Wildlife Conservation Society, Global Penguin Society, Province of Chubut, La Regina family of Punta Tombo, Argentina, and the Galápagos Conservancy.

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Dr. P. Dee Boersma

Dr. Dee Boersma with the Magellanic penguins of Punta Tombo


Research Scientists

Dr. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu | Dr. Sue Moore | Dr. Ginger Rebstock | Dr. Dave Stokes | Dr. Jack Cerchiara | Sonia de Bary | Dr. Natasha Gownaris | Olivia Kane


Dr. Dee Boersma and Dr. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu


Graduate Students

Laura Koehn | Luciana Pozzi | Jeff Smith | Caroline Cappello

Data Architect

Clay Gravelle

Dr. Dee Boersma, Dr. Jack Cerchiara, Olivia Kane, Jeff Smith, and Turbo the penguin



Katie Holt | Katrina Ferguson | Gianni Aranoff | Aadu Prakash

Undergraduate students

Kathryn Wellington | Lexi Wachtell | Des Thomaier | Anika Hidayat | Shen Yuan Yao

Past Graduate Students

J. Alan Clark | Sonia de Bary | Gene Fowler | Esteben Frere | Patricia Gandini| Pablo Martín Yorio | Sunny Power | Walter Reid | Daniel Renison | Elizabeth Skewgar | Dave Stokes | Amy VanBuren | Eric Wagner| Brian Walker

Dr. Ginger Rebstock with 2014 field crew


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