Male or Female? Can You Tell The Difference?

The bills of Galápagos penguins help us identify sex. Males are slightly larger overall and have thicker bills than females.

A Molting Penguin is a Healthy Penguin

It takes a lot of energy and food storage to undergo a molt. Getting a photo of the plumage gives us information about the health of the penguin(s).

The Age is in Feet

The color of the feet changes as penguins age. Photos of a juvenile's feet can help determine the penguin's age.

Groups of Penguins are Informative

Who is healthy? Who is ready to molt? Who is migrating? Group shots allow us to compare penguins and better tell what is happening with individuals.

Nest Location and Quality

Nests are critical to reproduction and survival of the species. Photos and locations help track where penguins are and the quality of nests available.

What is iGalápagos?

Tourists, tour guides, residents, and the photographs they take can provide valuable information about the health of the environment and animals living in the Galápagos. Started by Dr. Dee Boersma, the iGalápagos project uses photograph sharing to enhance research and conservation of the endangered Galápagos penguins.