Male or Female? Can You Tell The Difference?

The bills of Galápagos penguins help us determine sex. Males, like this one, are slightly bigger, and have whiter chins and thicker bills than females.

Galápagos Penguins Molt Twice a Year

It takes a lot of energy to stand on the shore and fast for 10 days or more to complete the molt. Photos tell us when penguins are molting.

Age is in the Feet

Feet become blacker as penguins age. Photos of a juvenile's feet and face can help us determine the penguin's age.

Groups of Penguins are Informative

Who is ready to molt? Group shots allow us to compare penguins and better tell whether they are breeding or not.

Cheek to Cheek

Like feet, cheeks tell us about the age of penguins. Juveniles (left) have white to brown cheeks, while adults (right) have black cheeks with the characteristic white semicircle.

What is iGalápagos?

Tourists, tour guides, residents, and the photographs they take can provide valuable information about the health of the environment and animals living in the Galápagos. Started by Dr. Dee Boersma, the iGalápagos project uses photograph sharing to enhance research and conservation of the endangered Galápagos penguins.